Nuno Luna - Lead Audio Engineer
Matthew Bergquist - CEO/Lead Engineer

"It all starts with a spark. We take our ideas and run with them because we want to have fun with what we do! There are so many opportunities and ways to let others enjoy video games, so why put a limit on what you can imagine?

Programming brings those ideas to life. They make some of our wildest  fantasies come true. We strive to have a community and try to collaborate with others to bring their ideas to life and show talents from people from all over the world."

"Audio has influence over everything. You could take a happy sound and place it over a terrifying visual, and it will change the overall feeling. Vice versa with a loud jumpscare-esque bang over a kids show. I’m aware of the big role I play an audio engineer, and will do everything I can to make your ears as satisfied as your eyes are while playing our games.

Flameingo always takes their community into consideration. We make sure the players are satisfied before finalizing the game. We believe that the players make the game, just as much as we developed it. Flameingo isn’t just a company. It’s a community. So join us! Let’s hear what YOU’D do differently!"

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